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Welcome to
Plate 108
A Cooking & Entertainment Venue

* Please see terms and conditions for ticket purchases.

*Gift certificates are valid one year from date of purchase.

About Us

Plate 108 is a cooking and entertainment venue located at 108 E Poinsett Street in downtown Greer and is dedicated to providing you with the cooking skills you need to succeed in the kitchen as well as the perfect space to kick back and have a fine dining experience! Our cooking classes range from participation to demonstration, so whether you’d like to get your hands dirty and try your hand at making some chef inspired dishes or just relax with a glass of wine and observe, Plate 108 has the perfect class for you! Our chefs teach classes with their own special flair, so each class’s curriculum is developed with personal passion and experience.

Rooted in Dietetics

Wendy Watkins has been working in dietetics for over 30 years. She opened Upstate Nutrition Consultants, Plate 108's parent company, in 1999 with a vision to meet the needs of those searching for a healthier way of life. Plate 108 opened it's doors in 2013 and has served as an excellent outlet for the patients of Upstate Nutrition as well as the general public.  We have since evolved into a cooking and entertainment venue that covers cuisines from every corner of the world.

Wendy Watkins, RD LDN


Founder and CEO

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