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Upcoming Adult Cooking Classes










In our participation classes, we almost always work in teams of two in order for the group to work through recipes as efficiently as possible. If you sign up as an individual, be prepared to make a friend or possibly work solo if we have an odd number.

Due to time constraints, some items may need to be prepared by the chef ahead of time.

In all of our Participation classes, you will do at least 80% of the cooking.

Chefs may also mis en plas some ingredients ahead of time so as to keep the flow of the class running smoothly.

Trust us, you will thank them! 

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear closed toed non-slip shoes to Participation classes and dress appropriately for a cooking environment. For safety and sanitary reasons, open toed shoes are not allowed to be worn during Participation classes.

We also recommend wearing minimal jewelry and bringing a hair tie if you have long hair.

Open-toe shoes are permitted if you are attending a Chef's Table or Demonstration class.

We will provide an apron during Participation class. 

Adult cooking classes are for 17 years and older unless you have registered with an adult. Any classes with beer or wine pairings included with the class are 21+ events.


Adult Classes range from $100-150 per adult.

Course cost may vary based upon menu, please see calendar for pricing per course.

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