2015 Summer Camp Summary

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Another summer down, and by our count, it was the best one yet! We had six full weeks of kids culinary camps. Our campers enjoyed everything from churning butter to baking biscuits to sautéing green beans; we ate well and laughed a lot and really had a blast! I’m sure each of you who had the opportunity to visit the Plate throughout the summer marveled at our mastery over the controlled chaos, but we must admit that we had our fair share of hiccups and near-misses. Here are a few we would like to share purely for your entertainment. (Just remember: you had NO IDEA before I told you!)

The time when…

  • the air conditioning broke on the day we were making ice cream. Good news: ice cream is cold. Bad news: ice cream melts.

  • one of the staff dropped a fresh-baked mini zucchini bread (we had an extra one)

  • one sweet little girl threw up on the bathroom floor (don’t worry: it was in the bathroom, we disinfected everything, she wasn’t contagious, and we called her parents.)

  • we burned the roasted carrots

  • the yeast bread didn’t rise. At all. Actually, it resembled a brick. (again, we had extra)

  • all of our meat for “meat day” was spoiled when we opened the refrigerator. (we sent a runner to purchase fresh poultry and beef.)

Though we had our share of close calls, we had many other fantastic moments of which we are immensely proud. Let me share a few with you.

The time when…

  • kids asked for seconds on their vegetables

  • the kids ate all of the vegetables that they cooked

  • little artists decorated our refrigerator with original crayon-and-marker works of art

  • campers made pies that were pretty enough to be in Bon Appétit

  • everyone (safely) mastered the art of knife skills

  • counselors were given a Whip/NaeNae dance lesson by some very talented campers

  • teams created dishes from their Mystery Box Challenge that were good enough to be on a menu

  • parents told us that their kids were cooking dinner

To all of our patrons: thank you for a wonderful summer. To anyone who did not have a chance to participate: come join us next year! We’ll be cooking up new ideas all through the offseason!

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